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With us you will pay with a set
Warning: the simulation is only for demonstrative purposes. For more info please contact our adviser (666 900 044). The new bill was calculated as an average from the whole year. The calculations were made with the current electrical energy price with the G11 tariff provider PGE Obrót S.A. 8 Marca St. 4, 35-959 Rzeszów, PGE Distribution S.A. 8 Marca St. 8, 35-065 Rzeszów. A freestanding installation facing south and tilted at 35 degrees. Things taken into consideration: losses generated by the temperature factor and low sun radiation: 7,1%, estimated losses from the radiation reflection angle 2,9%, other factors ( wires, inverter etc.) 13%, cumulated losses of PV system 22.4%, linear loss of the efficiency of the PV system 10% after 10 tears, 10% after another next 15 years. Localisation of the instalation: Rzeszów Miłocińska St. 1a

Why photovoltaics are better than solar collectors?

The most important characteristic of photovoltaics is the fact that they generate electricity that may be used by electrical appliances. Generated electrical energy may be stored in batteries or with an aid of inverters, sent to the wiring in your house. Photovoltaics are often mistaken with solar collectors, colloquially called solars. The biggest advantages of using photovoltaics are: 


  • They generate electrical energy which is used by electrical appliances
  • They work during sunny, as well as, cloudy days
  • They work thoughout the whole year
  • 100% of generated energy is used
  • 25 years of panel warranty

Solar collectors

  • They are used only to heat up water
  • They require solar radiation strong enough to heat up water in a water tank
  • High energy loss
  • Glycol has to be replaced approximately every 5 years

Practical knowledge of experts

One of the basic sources of renewable energy,possible to be used, is the Sun. in reality, all forms of renewable energy are based on solar energy. Thanks to the Sun, weather phenomena occur: rain (rivers)-hydroelectric power plants, and wind- wind turbines. Only photovoltaics convert solar energy directly into electrical power. Photovoltaics are often mistaken with solar collectors used only to heat up water. Therefore, to differentiate the two, other terms are used such as solar cells, solar panels.

Nowadays, when electricity bills are getting higher and higher, wind turbines may be used as an alternative source of financing everyday costs of having a household, public builings or businesses ( workplaces, warehouses, shops etc. )

Small wind turbines

  • Domestic wind turbines
  • Vertical axis wind turbines
  • Advanced wind turbines


  • Dofinansowanie do instalacji fotowoltaicznych do 5000zł 2020 Jan 13

    Ruszył kolejny nabór wniosków na dofinansowanie do instalacji fotowoltaicznych z programu "Mój Prąd". Od dnia 13.01.2020r. ruszył kolejny nabór wniosków. Zapraszamy do kontaktu naszymi z przedstawicielami. Kontakt: +48 608 108 344, +48 666 900 044.    

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  • 24.Targi Budownictwa w Rzeszowie 2019 Mar 11

      W weekend 22-24.03 w Rzeszowie odbędą się 24. Targi Budownictwa, na których nie może zabraknąć naszej firmy. Jeżeli chcecie dowiedzieć się więcej o naszych produktach zapraszamy na stoisko nr 162 - poziom B. Nasi pracownicy odpowiedzą na wszystkie Wasze pytania. Widzimy się w Hali Podpromie.

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  • Germany has beaten another record... 2015 Apr 03

    Germany has beaten another green energy production record. All photovoltaic and wind farms on the 30th of March 2015 produced in total 44GW green energy. The green energy in the whole usage has reached 27,3%. In total, Germany has produced 157,4 TWh which is enough to run 52 000 single-family houses with 150zl monthly bills, for the whole year.

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Why domowa energia?

  • Years of experience in the field of dealing with photovoltaic projects and wind turbines, from designing to servicing.
  • Cooperation with companies that work in the field of renewable energy sources for over 10 years.
  • 100% client satisfaction.
  • Complete support of the installation- we take care of all the documentation, production and servicing of the devices. The client receives a fully working installation.
  • Operation area – the whole Poland.

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